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These are just repairs to the surface and internal movement.The following is a warning from Jinan Hongli watch repair master to watch friends.If it is not deliberately designed, then this 'snowflake disc' can only be a product defect that appears in the process of producing the dial.





3. The Rolex made by us has a small crown of laser laser on the original watch mirror. The workmanship is exquisite and the number of laser points is also very particular. Although the fake watch mirror is also trying to imitate, it is only useless. , Can't stand up to zoom in and contrast. The green water ghost has become a hot spot in the second-hand market. People who cheat the fake green water ghost (fake shell and real core) are more and more willing to pay for the cost. The scammer uses the real Rolex movement (the old watch 3135 movement, the ordinary 3135 movement) The market price of the core is 8000, the new blue hairspring 3135 movement is 12000) and the real watch mirror (according to experts, the current Rolex watch mirror is about 700 yuan), and a fake case. The total cost is more than 10,000. Pawn to the pawn shop. When pawning, they will deliberately remind the appraising master to remove the back cover to look at the movement. If the pawn shop mistakenly treats it as a real watch, the price will usually be more than 30,000 (noxious).Many people he already consulted this question.Where can I mortgage my Rolex watch? Can large pawn shops pawn second-hand Rolex watches? Everyone hopes that their second-hand Rolex Jaeger-LeCoultre watches can he a better recycling price, especially in the case of eager use of money or small capital turnover. It is recommended that you choose a professional formal pawn shop for recycling. At the same time, pawn shops also need to understand the specific factors that affect the recycling price of second-hand Rolex Jaeger-LeCoultre watches in order to make a comprehensive judgment.



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